Groove, Prove and Improve


Dieser Workshop bietet ein breites Repertoire von Sites und Tools für den Englischunterricht, mit denen Lernende ihre Kreativität zeigen und ihre Kompetenzen in Lesen, Schreiben, Hören und Sprechen beweisen und verbessern können. You will groove and prove yourself on sites that foster creativity and allow learners to “show what they know” and you will use tools that help learners improve their skills in independent and collaborative settings. Als Teilnehmende werden Sie durch verschiedene Beispiele geleitet, wie Kinder selbständig arbeiten können. Sie haben dann Zeit, selber damit zu spielen und andere Beispiele auszutauschen. 

 Laura's Picks



Groove with Avatars and text-to-speech accents!

Improve writing and pronunciation. 

Prove that learners can portray a character or read and record a text by themselves.

Hint: See the Voki lesson plan database.

Heads Up!

Groove with this fun app for all age groups. 

Improve by watching the video and playing again to speak better. 

Prove by documenting learner performance via the video function.

Ownership: Learners can create wordlists from assigned units

Variations: Heads and Hands Up: Make a Video; or look through the "similar" suggestions on the respective google play pages.


Groove by making funny mouths!

Improve writing and speaking by having learners record texts with Audacity.

Prove: Useful for summaries, for becoming characters.


Groove by listening to yourself and re-recording what you don't like.

Improve your speaking.

Prove by sending your text to your teacher for analysis!



Spelling City

Groove with this massive selection of games.

Improve reading, writing, speaking and listening.

Prove via vocabulary tests writing opportunities and  language arts concepts.




Storytelling sites

Groove by being extremely creative in myriad ways!

Improve reading, writing, speaking and listening depending on what is done.

Prove by taking a concept from class and having learners transform it into a story.

Here is an excellent article with assessment rubrics and general planning guidelines. 

 Flash Card Sites

Notes about flashcard use
  • Encourage learners to embed pictures, sound, description, what the term is NOT, etc... Don't translate!

  • Let learners decide (in part) what they should be learning.

  • There are many, many online tools! Readwritethink provides a very nice lesson plan for assessing


Groove: Find out about the world!

Improve: reading, writing, sometimes listening and speaking

Prove: There are myriad ways here, you can monitor emails and see what improvements learners have made or you can take part in projects.




 Participants' Sites:


Sites for independent, unmonitored work










Accents and authority

“What does your accent reveal about your authority? Does a teacher’s accent influence his or her authority?”



Coming soon! In the meantime, watch out because the word "squeak" is spelled incorrectly.