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Today we had loads of fun in class looking at various sites that we could use in class to make digital stories. The task was to sell the site to teachers. Below are the sites we did NOT look at! And below that you will find the summaries of the sites we did look at. Enjoy!


Smilebox will leave you nothing but smiles!!! There are a million and one uses of Smilebox in the class with your students and for you as a teacher. Your students can create their own newsletters, podcasts, memory books and create cards for various occasions (Eid, Hannukkah, etc…). Students can create content-based reports in the form of collages and postcards! You can use this tool to create letters to parents and motivational elements for your kids. This tool will show that you are the professional that you are!

Art of Storytelling

With this tool, you can create your individual story in English without knowing that your range of vocabulary is incredibly increasing. All the vocabulary is supported by pictures. First you can choose a genre in which your story will be told. You choose from many different backgrounds the one that fits your story the best. And that’s not all by far! Of course you can choose your characters that give your story a taste of good fun, as well a large variety of props. After you’ve done that step by step you can either write the story with some helpful keywords or record it with your voice. Or both. It’s definitely worth it because you’ll never have any problems anymore with the problem of kids not finding good ideas for a story. Here’s the solution!

And…. If you don't feel like creating your own story, you can also just read some stories from others which are available on the page. Also you’ll find some special links for teachers.


With Zooburst you can create your own books! We are still trying to come up with a short story. The tool looks simple, but is not as easy to use. We would need a bit more time to find out how it all works. The good thing about the page is though, that you can register for free.


The storybird story creation website combines funny pictures with even an funnier story writing experience. The children get a handful of random words they can use to write the story or poetry they desire. They can either try to go for sense, or create a nonsensical but grammatically correct experience. Either way, minutes of fun and getting to know rhymes and new words are a given.

Youtube Search Stories

On the youtube/searchstories site you can find the most interesting stories about people from all around the world. The brief videos show you the experiences those people make during their life. Due to the most picturesque panoramas and detailed snapshots you get captivated. With the personal interviews you immediately get your pupils interested in worldwide themes of public concern. These movies are the best way to prepare the youth for the wide world. 

Super Action Comic Maker or Picture Book Maker

Are your kids tired of reading books? Are you looking for new activities for your pupils which will motivate them to learn English?

Go to the internet and let your kids improve their English skills by creating own comics! Decide which backgrounds, figures and speech balloons you want to insert and create your own stunning and unforgettable adventure in 6 frames!

Voki is a sensational website for teachers! Taking only a minute to sign up to Voki allows you to access a range of resources for your classroom. There is also a voki classroom that teachers can sign up for voki classroom for under 2 US Dollars a month. There is a range of backgrounds, characters, languages and accents that you can choose from. The character you create tells the story in a new and exciting way which will grab the attention of your class. It is also a very accessible website for the children of the upper primary classes. It is a very simple yet effective way of creating and telling stories in your classroom. Sign up today!

Carnegie Library

This website is great for lower primary school. It is well structured, easy to handle and gives a lot of ideas for writing a story. It helps you choose main characters, settings (pictures are already there) and defining the plot. The website gives a lot of language support, for example sentence starters like “Once upon a time…”. In the end you can print the story very easily. This story maker from will turn your kids into great story tellers! 


It’s just thrilling and stimulating!

You can choose pictures from different topics. So whatever you like you can find it here! You can create your own story or have a look at others... There is a lot of inspiration on this website. Go for it! And have a look and Pimpampum yourself.


Glogster is a very useful site for creating all kind of posters. You can include pictures, text and videos. It is easy to use. You can use it to tell story and to summarize them in the class.


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