The Three Little Javelinas/Los Tres Pequenos Jabalies by Susann Lowell

ISBN:  0873589556 Cooper Square Publishing

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 How did I use this? Here's just a brief summary!

First, I took out the verbs and listed them on the board. Before you knew what we were reading, I had you guess which story it was. Then you had to retell the traditional story to your neighbor using those verbs.

After that, I read the story to you. As I read, I did different things. Sometimes 2 people came to the board and as I was reading, they had to list words (one person on each side of the room so they didn't see each other). There was a focus on adverbs, verbs and tenses there. Furthermore, I told things in the story that were incorrect to see if you were listening and would catch it. Finally, I had parts of the pictures covered with post-its and you had to find out what was under the post it! It was a fun lesson and this was only a very small part of what we did.