Little Dragon Coconut and the Black Knight

by Ingo Siegner



Getting into the book


  1. Show the cover- Who-what-when-why-where-how questions about the cover – form questions answer what it could be – pairs make questions and together, at least 3 in 5 minutes. Ask which questions were asked.
  2. Now try to give a title. See who comes closest!
  3. Mix up the chapter titles (line by line). Have them try to put it together and explain any words they don’t know.
  4. Show some of the pictures. Ask which chapter they come from.
  5. 8 chapters, groups of 3 try to guess what would happen in that chapter.
  6. Look through the book. List the characters (make on board). Write a few words from the pictures about the character. Ask who is good? Who is bad? Other questions…
  7. Ask about the author – who is he?
  8. Read the first chapter out loud – let the kids listen (follow along) and underline words they like and words they want to know. Discuss: how fast to read; when to have kids read out loud themselves?
  9. Have kids read in pairs together once (roles and then swap roles).
  10. Comprehension questions? Vocabulary questions? Grammar questions? Prediction questions?
  11. What sort of homework makes sense?


Working with the book

General comprehension

15 min: Snowball fights. Work together with a partner. Write 4 questions about the story, each one on a different piece of paper. Snowball – try to hit as many different people as you can.

10 min: Chapter 1 (Flight to Realm) - Read aloud, underline and bridge and strike out sounds/words (example on board).

5 min: Chapter 2 (Dragon Tree)-

A)      In order and re-create the text: wakes up, shining, suddenly, big red, in front of, tree, dragons, porcupines.

B)      Out of order (mix on board), listen and number and THEN recreate: is broader than, rises, the foot of, a village, sees something, jumps out)

Discuss how this can be assessment / remembering or simply getting into the test (initial reading) or even language analysis (why foot OF? Why big red and not red big? What function is does it like??)

5 min: Chapter 3 (The Black Knight): Look at the pictures and have them predict what will happen. On board: I think…. We think….Write it out and then write out what actually happened - who came the closest?

5 min: Chapter 4 (The Honey Trap) :  2 trues and 1 false sentence; Uncle Ingmar eats the honey.; The Black Knight marries Bruniberta; Many people come to see the event. Do this on a vocab level, too.

5 min: Chapter 5 (Walter of the Flowery):  Dialogue game on board

  • A: Hello! Anybody there?
  • B: Yes, hello!
  • A: You’re a [dragon]!
  • B: Yes, that’s right, I’m [Coconut]. Who are you?
  • A: I’m the minstrel, [Walter] of the [Flowery Meadow].
  • B: Pleased to meet you! Will you help us?
  • A: Yes, no…

10 Last chapter: (Who is stronger than a dragon)-

  • Keep a list (see EN);
  • Riddles, find a word – describe, rhyme, show
  • Finger spell or write words on somone’s back
  • If the books are owned then white out and swap
  • Underline words by colors (adjectives, verbs)
  • Find an example of verbs in the ING form, in the present simple, in the present perfect…etc…;
  • Classify a page with a memory matrix (adjectives, verbs, etc…)
  • Classify: action – show; adjective – cough politely; preposition: touch your head; food : touch your mouth

Other points

  1. Chapter interpretation activities – acting out for a parents' evening, groups take different chapters
  2. Creating tests – how / what
  3. How to get the kids involved – each group makes a word search from a certain page; groups act out chapters for a performance for another class; kids write comprehension questions; kids write gap fills…