Four Feet, Two Sandals by Karen Lynn Williams

Author's Website: (teacher's guide available here)

ISBN: 0802852963

Note: If you search, you will find many additional materials for this book including a script for a play

This book moved me so much, I decided to change the plan of the day and focus on "Shoes". Below is my lesson plan to myself to trigger your memory. Please excuse me for the divergence.

  1. Shoe jokes communicative activity
  2. Shoe video – note down puns and discuss
  3. Pictures of shoes – memory games (Kim’s but more than with just 1)
  4. Functions of shoes, these shoes and others.
  5. Read story – as I read write words you think need pre-teaching and ones that need showing as I read.
  6. Discuss how we can get the meaning of this book across to beginning learners of English.
  7. Show my shoe: Have students guess why I brought in this particular one – transfer to “riddles” or “mind reading”.
  8. Pairs describe favourite shoe to one another – picture dictation. Classify shoes in categories – tell a story, functional, orthopaedic…
  9. Mention Mini Book templates/sites 


Here is the powerpoint I used in class.