The Snail and the Whale by Julia Donaldson

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ISBN: 0230532381

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In groups of 4, distribute these cards randomly. As the children listen, they put their own cards in order. Then, in the group of 4, they put the rhyming cards together, in the order of the story. Then they can retell the story in their own words!

over the rock

in the dock

the itchy foot

stay put

came one night

stars were bright

far off lands

golden sands

feathery fins

toothy grins

blue and warm

filled with a thunderstorm

amazed by it all

feel so small

running a race

all over the place

slipping away

beached in a bay

terribly small

started to crawl

holding her chalk

Sit straight! Don’t talk!

running from school

digging a pool

shouting hooray

travel safely away

held out his tail

snail after snail after snail

teacher turns pale

leaving a trail

Follow up activities with the cards: Snap, Memory, Old Maid, etc...